Caller – I have a question about ordering the RMD-183, how do I order the trackpad mouse version for this keyboard?

Response – There is a drop down configurator on the product page that allow you to pick touchpad or trackball as options. About 90% of the orders we see ship with the touchpad. For quotation purposes, we use the suffix “tp” for touch pad, and “tb” for track ball mouse. If you need a quote for your procurement group, we can provide a formal quote which will show the tp or tb designation. So the full description will read 1U rackmount keyboard drawer, 104 key notebook keyboard with touchpad or trackball mouse. There is not a cost difference, it is a personal preference as to which mouse solution you choose. So again to confirm, the touchpad version would be RMD-183tp for the touch pad version.

Caller – thanks, you were very helpful. We will be placing an order within the next week.