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8U 19" Rackmount LCD Panel - High Brightness (Part#RMPH-171-19)

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High Bright Rackmount LCD Panel Features
19" 1280 X 1024 LCD Rackmount Monitor Panel
Brightness - 1,000 cd/m2 (LED Technology, Low Power Consumption)
8U 19" Rackmount LCD Panel
Dimensions: 18.9"W X 2.3"D X 14"H
Long Life - Up to 50,000 hours, Minimum EMI Emmissions, High Shock / Vibration Resistance

Rackmount Monitor Options -                                        Downloads -
Video Option: Composite(RCA) & S-Video : DVI-D : BNC & S-Video                   Rackmount Monitor Specifications
Audio Option: Add integrated speakers
DC Power Option: -12V : -24V : -48V
Touchscreen - Resistive touch screen with USB Driver
Quad Split Screen - 4 BNC loop thru inputs


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