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Crystal Image Technologies has been in business since 2005. Having spent many years in the data center industry, we recognized the need to provide high quality rack mount solutions to the market and therefore began our business from there. Back then, the monitor sizes were basically 15" and 17" in size and KVM switches were also pretty basic. Soon after the rack mount monitor drawers came out as a great space savings solution, the ability to integrate a KVM Switch helped save even more space in a server rack. Why was this important? If you were to calculate the typical infrastructure cost of a data center, including raised floor, cooling, network connectivity, security in the rack as well as the cost of the rack itself, each U becomes a premium when configuring computer systems with available vertical real estate. In addition to offering the traditional KVM Drawer, we quickly expanded into additional rack mountable LCD solutions including panels, and LCD drawers without keyboards. We now offer a full range of solutions to support computer rooms, mobile case solutions, relay racks, and many other integrated systems. In some cases, a 1U keyboard drawer might fit the application, which we have many choices to consider starting with a 13.75" depth, ultra short depth chassis. Custom solutions is one of our key areas of focus as not all off the shelf products meet the needs for today's integrated solutions. We are always adding new innovative solutions that provide value for our partners. From quick deploy mobile solar generators to smart PDU's, the list of solutions continues to grow. Many of the products we offer were created from customer requests. In many cases simply picking put the phone and explaining your requirements can create a whole plethora of options. Many solutions we suggest often times are not promoted as part of our standard offering. For high resolution applications, we offer 1080p, and 1920 X 1200 Rack Mount LCD Panels and drawers often times applicable to AV and Broadcast markets. In either case, its always best to make sure you check requitements for HDCP. Simply add HDMI w/speaker option and we have you covered. In case, you miss this requirement at the time of ordering, the HDMI / BNC S-Video PCB Board can be added in the field. Dont worry, it wont effect your warranty, as we provide step by step instructions on how to upgrad the video input. Although we have developed many direct customer relationships over the years, our primary focus is in working with integrators and dealers. We can private label, include your own packing slip, and partner in other ways to help support customer opportunities.